Glacier Environmental – Update due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Whilst we are in unprecedented times due to the current circumstances we must be mindful of our continuing commitments to compliance.

The governments ‘working at home’ strategy could soon mean the water in your business premises becoming stagnant.

As a duty of care to our clients we would like to make you aware this may change the current measures for the control of legionella and could potentially increase the risk status.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we can provide you with the best available advice. We are available on the phone, email or by our contact form below

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Update: COVID-19 Strategy & Policy

A reminder that we are here to support our customers and to provide the best possible advice.
You can contact us in the usual way.

All non-essential work has been postponed. However, many of our services are essential to the safety of people and premises across our region. Our work falls under support ‘services’ provided to NHS, care homes, food production and energy during this time.

We will maintain where possible our testing, monitoring and chemical dosing programme within our customers premises. This will involve traveling to and from work places.

We will put in place stringent guidelines to how we work on sites to be inline with the UK Governments guidelines. This will include only one person in our vehicles (and not shared), hand sanitising before and after carrying out work onsite (also in-between work as required), gloves/RPE to be worn where necessary, maintain social distancing within the premises (at least 2m apart) and our engineers will be self isolating if they or their families have symptoms of the Coronavirus COVID-19.